Becoming the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Your Tech Community

The principles, strategies, most common mistakes to avoid, habits to develop, and secrets you need to know to truly transcend boundaries in your career and become a better you by positively impacting others.


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Unprecedented content

+30 lessons in short videos, +20 questionnaires to help you take action toward your MVP goals, dozens of tips and advice to become a better leader and key influencer in your tech community.

I'm putting it ALL together for you, from the basis to how to get the most of your MVP powers once you get recognized by your tech vendor.

No matter your starting point neither your tech vendor

Whether you aspire to become a thought leader, get recognized and keep relevant in the Microsoft community, Salesforce, Sitecore, Embarcadero, SAP, Oracle, Google, AWS, or any other, it doesn’t matter. I set up this course so it takes you beyond any vendor’s recognition or award.

Brought to you from real-life experiences

I’ve been involved in tech communities since I was just a teenager in the ‘90s learning how to code. 

Communities made me who I am today, and I feel blessed for being part of the Microsoft MVP family since +10 years. It transformed my career and my life and now, I embraced the mission of sharing everything I've learned about leading tech communities with you.

What are you going to learn in this program?

A brief overview of the modules and lessons included. All compiled in short videos to make it easy for you to consume at your own pace. Each "Take Action!" assessment represents an opportunity for you to think, tailor your own MVP journey and make actual progress.

Module 1: Introduction

  • Who Are MVPs?
  • What does it take to become an MVP?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How nominations work?
  • How to convince your employer?
  • What's next?

Module 2: Your Philosophy

  • Principles
  • Your foundational questions
  • Myths
  • Your beliefs
  • Common pitfalls
  • Your choices

Module 3: Your Strategy

  • Strategic Pillar #1: Focus
  • Strategic Pillar #2: Impact
  • Strategic Pillar #3: Commitment
  • Strategic Pillar #4: Records

Each lesson is accompanied by its 'Take Action!' assessment so you can make true progress!

Module 4: Your Journey toward your Nomination

  • Step #1: Be present where people need you
  • Step #2: Volunteer
  • Step #3: Contribute content
  • Step #4: Find your mentors
  • Step #5: Connect with your Community Program Manager
  • Step #6: Lead your own movement
  • Step #7: Share feedback and ideas with your vendor
  • Step #8: Persevere and get ready for your nomination

Each lesson is accompanied by its 'Take Action!' assessment so you can make true progress!

Module 5: Your Nomination

  • Step #9: Get to know your nomination (and renewal) process
  • Step #10: Be patient and keep demonstrating why you're on the list of nominees
  • You couldn’t make it this time?
  • Did you make it? Celebrate your MVP status and be grateful!

Each lesson is accompanied by its 'Take Action!' assessment so you can make true progress!

Module 6: Your MVP Powers

  • Advice #1: Take responsibility
  • Advice #2: Do your initial setup and get your MVP Award kit
  • Advice #3: Get involved
  • Advice #4: Leverage your privileges
  • Advice #5: Encourage and mentor others
  • Advice #6: Plan for your renewal today

Each lesson is accompanied by its 'Take Action!' assessment so you can make true progress!

In summary....

Module 7: Closing Thoughts

Becoming a Most Valuable Professional (MVP)—or whatever name your vendor uses to refer to these recognized individuals—in your area of expertise is about taking your career and life to a whole new level.

If you took this program and followed it to the end, it means you're truly committed to grow, so congratulations and thank you!!!

Take Action NOW!

You can also take your career and your life to higher levels if you have the passion, the right attitude, and the tools that you'll unlock in this training!

"MVP means passion for innovation, supporting the community and networking with the greatest international talent. All of this changed my professional career forever, thanks to the mentorship of Pablo Peralta."

Pablo J. Moreno
Pablo J. Moreno (Microsoft MVP), DELL EMC Data Scientific

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